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2020-03 Update from Dwight and Dorothy


In this issue:

  • Dorothy's health and ministry Dwight's ministry
  • Privileged to teach
  • Praise and Prayer
  • IT Security Tidbit
  • SIM's Top 10 Most Wanted

Dear Friends,

Your prayer and financial support continue to undergird us in the ministries and day to day living that we are a part of. We greatly appreciate each one of you.

Dorothy's health and ministry

Earlier this week, we drove up to Chapel Hill, NC once again for an appointment with the specialist pulmonologist who heads the Pulmonary Hypertension Care Center at UNC. The checkup was routine and the doctor has called for another overnight oximeter test to see if the CPAP machine is making a difference in Dorothy's sleep. Dorothy has noticed more fatigue over the past few weeks and commented that she was also suffering from fever and soar throat for some days. The doctor determined that her lungs were clear so did not prescribe anything new. She had a case of bronchitis some weeks ago which was very hard on her but was handled with antibiotics and time.

Her sore throat and fever continued, so I took Dorothy to her local doctor yesterday. The doctor determined that Dorothy has bronchitis and sinusitis so put her on a different antibiotic from what was prescribed for bronchitis last time. We are quite concerned when Dorothy picks up most any infection as her lungs continue to be compromised by the PAH* and probable PVOD**.

She continues to bless many through her card ministry, ladies book group as well as her commitment to prayer. The Lord blesses her daily as she spends much time in the Word.

Dwight's ministry

I was recently involved in an email risk assessment meeting along with several other SIMers from the International and US Offices. This may seem an odd thing or an exercise in yawning, but is it actually an important process to go through as we, as a mission, look at the security risks our people take as they communicate with others.

Our colleagues work in over 70 different countries and a number of those countries are somewhat more complicated to work in than others. Some governments have very tight controls on the flow of information and often are opposed to a Christian witness. In other countries, the missionaries are opposed by other religious groups, sometimes violently and sometimes with government assistance. With that our communications have to be very secure.

While I won't go into details, I can state that our email system is well encrypted from point to point so that intercepted emails cannot be read. We also take care that many of our missionaries are able to dis-associate from SIM as they labor in their country of service. This is because it is clear to anyone checking, that SIM is a Christian mission group with the intention of sharing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is this message that is a perceived threat to many people who oppose the Gospel.

Along this line, we develop applications that allow our team mates working in some of these countries to do much of their work online without downloading sensitive files into their computers. In some places, officials demand passwords and will search through computers and phones for evidence.

I continue to train returning missionaries on various aspects of computer and Internet security. As mentioned previously, many of our people work in places where their safety is dependent on secure IT and Internet access as well as other systems.

Privileged to teach the Bible

Luke page Several months ago, I began leading a neighborhood Bible study in our home focusing on the Gospel of Luke. It continues to be a joy to lead and teach this small group as we plowed through the background of the book and now each week as we see the many details Luke gives us and the applications we can make in our own lives.

Also, I have taken over teaching the adult Sunday school in our church. I am following up our pastor's lessons on hermeneutics with an in-depth study of the letter to the Galatians. I am grateful to have had ample preparation time on this book as I have not taught on it before. It is a bit of a challenge adapting my teaching to a 45 minute block with close to 50 people as contrasted with our neighborhood Bible study which is 90 minutes long and does not exceed 10 people in our living room.

Galatians Intro

Please join us in praising the Lord...

  • that Dorothy recovered from her first bought with bronchitis.
  • that Dwight has the opportunity to teach on several books of the Bible.
  • for the prayer and financial supporters who continue to supply us and the work to which we have been called.

Please also join us in praying...

  • for the Lord to strengthen Dorothy's lungs and bring healing to overcome this new round of bronchitis and sinusitis.
  • that the Bible teaching will be honoring to the Lord and beneficial to all who attend.
  • for additional financial support. We continue to be on a reduced budget with SIM due to our support shortfall.
  • for continued leading and wisdom as we seek to honor the Lord with the gifts and talents that He has granted to us.

IT Security Tidbit: Defending yourself from the bad guys

In this update, I will explain some of the various “…ishings.”
The PhishBeware of the "PHISH" and its relations

Fishing – the dangling of some luring hook with the hopes of fooling a fish into biting so that it can be fried later.
Spear Fishing – specifically targeting a fish with a sharp multi-pronged spear so that it can be fried later.
Ice Fishing - the dangling of some luring hook through a hole in the ice with the hopes of fooling a fish into biting so that it can be fried later.
Phishing - the dangling of some luring hook (often a link in an email) with the hopes of fooling a phish (the human to whom the email was sent) into biting (clicking) so that it can be fried (i.e., bank account drained) later.
Spear Phishing - specifically targeting a phish (probably someone with high level access in a corporate network) with a sharp multi-pronged spear (information gathered from social media, colleagues, etc.) so that it (the corporate network) can be fried (data stolen, ransomed or corrupted) later.
Ice Phishing – not a readily used term as yet, but I am sure it is coming and will be a chilly attempt to steal information.
Smishing - the dangling of some luring hook (often a link or other action within an SMS text message) with the hopes of fooling a phish (the human to whom the sms was sent) into biting (clicking) so that it can be fried (i.e., bank account drained) later.
Vishing - the dangling of some luring hook (i.e., an attractive offer over the phone) with the hopes of fooling a phish (the human answering the call) into biting (giving up personal or corporate information) so that it (the person or their organization) can be fried (i.e., bank account drained, corporate data made vulnerable) later. (The “V” comes from voice or VOIP from “voice of internet protocol” that better allows the caller to mimic a different number)

SIM's Top 10 Most Wanted

SIM has many openings around the world and have identified the 10 most urgent. Please do contact us or SIM if you are interested in learning more.



SIM Top 10

*PAH - Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is a rare lung disease that currently has no cure but can be managed with some specialized medications.
**PVOD - Pulmonary Veno Occlusive Disease is a very rare lung disease that little is know about.

Gifts to support our ministries can be given through this link or through one of the SIM offices in various countries. Please contact us with any questions.

Our mailing address is 2007 Downey St., Rock Hill, SC 29732 and our phone numbers are:
Dorothy's number is +1 (803) 280-4181
Dwight's is +1 (803) 207-3049.
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