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2021-10 Update from Dwight and Dorothy

Greetings, dear family and friends. We hope you are well. Here is an update on our lives. We’d love to hear from you! At the end are some thoughts from Dorothy as well as a "Techie Tips" update.


Dwight continues teaching internet security as well as assisting in the vetting process of companies that have access to SIM information because of the services they are providing. In addition to working with returning missionaries to help with security issues, he is now also training new short-term and long-term missionaries before they leave the USA and Canada. While the Internet is a great tool for communicating and carrying on ministry, it is plagued with many dangers as there are numerous individuals and groups that seek to access our information for profit or harm. Check out this edition of techie-tips below.

Our Church

Our local church is growing! This is wonderful news. It is growing to the point we are about to start the process of calling an associate pastor. With the growth comes added responsibilities for the four ruling elders as new members are added to their oversight groups. And with the growth seems to come more challenges with health and relationship issues.

Our Family

Our younger grandson’s bone marrow transplant was done on September 2. It has been successful, and he was released from the hospital on September 25. His Mom will be staying with him in Memphis, TN in a St. Jude provided apartment. He still has to be seen daily. Hopefully, they will be able return mid-December. Our son with the older grandson, arrived back in the Carolinas on September 4th. He is working and parenting the three, who now are all in school.

Dorothy’s health

Dorothy's health continues to slowly go downhill. She hasn’t been out of the house for over two months, and hardly even out of the bedroom. We all greatly enjoyed a visit from her brother and his wife, then having the granddaughters for two weeks while the rest of the family had to be at St. Jude’s in Memphis and then a friend from Canada visit. Having Dorothy in the bedroom made it easier for visiting, and then when she was too tired, the visitors could go to the living room. The girls played on the bed and at a card table set up in the room. The most significant challenge is what to do with time awake when just sitting up, even in the recliner, is limited. Thankfully, she is able to read her Bible, but journaling has had to go by the wayside.

Please join us in praising God for. . .

  • All of our supporters – prayer and financial!
  • Our younger grandson’s successful bone marrow transplant
  • Our older grandson’s handling well the donating of the bone marrow
  • Time spent with family and friends
  • Dwight’s continued ability to serve with SIM
  • Our church’s growth

Please join us in praying for. . .

  • The search, hiring and installing of an assistant pastor
  • The many in our church with health issues: Covid, cancer, diabetes, pain, lung diseases
  • Creativity for Dorothy in how to use her time.
  • Our growth in the Lord to be evident.

Dorothy’s thoughts

It is much harder to write when it has been a long time. I find it hard to know what to write. Things have been very hard lately, but I have also seen the hand of God in every hard thing. Last night, as I was praying for so many people we know who are hurting in one way or another – cancer, Covid, pain, troubled marriages, not walking with the Lord, I wrote this. . .

Joy is a choice, it's even a command.
It should be simple, it's right at hand
But Lord, these days I struggle to choose
And when I don't, I know that I lose.

You've given me everything I need
To worship You in thought, word and deed.
And yet, Lord, choosing joy is hard
When my heart is sad, always on guard

Your mercies abound to me and mine
Your Word my anchor; I know all will be fine
But just this moment, all is not right
Sadness overwhelms, blotting out light.

So, right this moment, please hold me tight.
Remind me darkness can't eclipse Your light.
Whatever is blocking all You would give,
Remind me You're bigger and it's for You I live.

Then this morning, I read in Jesus’ prayer in John 17, “But now I am coming to You, and these things I speak in the world, that they may have My joy fulfilled in themselves.” (verse 13) I was reminded of a truth I already knew. It is His joy in me. I don’t have to feel it. Because He is in me, His joy is in me. Yes, I do have a choice, but my choice is believing Him, taking Him at His word.

In John 6.68, Peter responds to Jesus’ question about whether they wanted to go away as others did, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” I know it was no coincidence that I read John 17 this morning and just three chapters in He reminded me that he is bigger, and it is for Him I live.

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

Here is the "Techie" update for this issue: Homoglyphs and Typosquatters domain

Well, here are a couple words that likely are not in your everyday vocabulary. However, they are important to recognize.

In the Internet world:

  • Homoglyphs are two characters that look alike but aren't the same. A "1" (one) and an "I" (i) as well as "0" (zero) and "O" (o as in oh no) are a couple examples.
  • Typosquatters are names, especially domain names that are similar to more recognizable versions. and are very different. If you are in a hurry, you may not notice that little difference in spelling. Often these are found when mistyping the domain name of a popular site.

Typically, the goal of these two bits of deception are to fool a person into thinking they are connecting into some well known legitimate site to possibly pay bills or do some purchasing or update a password.

Quiz time! What is wrong with each of the following domain names? Don't enter them into your browser as some may really exist and be dangerous. Sorry, you will need to mentally replace the <dot> with a "." as my distribution software will label this newsletter as spam with the bogus domain names and refuse to send it.

If you can figure out all 8 in less than 30 seconds (maybe 60), email Dwight at with the issues and he might send you a genuine attagirl or attaboy certificate to download and print.

  1. |BM<dot>COM
  2. goggle<dot>com
  3. microsoftonlne<dot>com
  4. ssa<dot>com (Social Security Administration?)
  5. bankofarnerica<dot>com
  6. wells-fargo<dot>com
  7. update-apple<dot>com
  8. rebeka<dot>graffics

The bottom line is to not rush when you click on a link or enter a domain name in a browser.

The usual stuff...
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